Art Tours

Participate in a shared learning experience as Barbara Rydlander guides you on an in-depth tours of the San Francisco Bay Area art scene. You will experience the artwork discussed in lectures as you walk through museums, galleries and private collections. We also visit alternative sites, artists' studios and galleries showing emerging artists.

All Ages and Backgrounds are Welcome

Information on public transportation is available as well as shared rides. Join us for a fun and educational journey through the creative spaces of exhibited art in the San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area.

Upcoming Museum and Gallery tours

We tour local museums, galleries, and special art events in the area. Special exhibits at these sites are the focus of the lectures. Current information about exhibits of interest in the area can be found in local newspapers as well as online at San Francisco Art Dealers Association (SFADA) and SFADA First Thursday Art

For more information:
contact: Barbara Rydlander
phone: 510-525-2464 or

Register for a studio lecture, slide presentation and tour series. Topics will be determined by current art exhibits and the tour taken.


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