Art on Site Consultations

Our art consultation services range from establishing new art collections to providing documentation on artists, techniques or the historic background of your current or future collection.

Building a Collection:
Contemporary, Western, or Non-Western

Barbara Rydlander can help you build and understand your art's relationship to world art movements or current creative processes. She has a Masters in the History of Art from the University of California, Berkeley with an emphasis on modern art and twenty plus years of experience and research. Barbara also has extensive knowledge of non-western art collections and the artistic diversity found in today's Bay Area art scene.

Love and Knowledge of Beauty

The most important criterion in the selection of a craftwork, painting, sculpture, or print is the viewer’s emotional response in addition to an appreciation for its unique, esthetic qualities. That said, it is important to know the context that an artwork has to its history or to contemporary art trends. Barbara Rydlander will provide art historical research for an artwork under consideration or currently in your collection.

For Private and Corporate Art Collectors

Art on Site offers art consultation services to collectors, both private and corporate. We will work with designers, architects, facility managers, healthcare clients, as well as others who decide upon artwork and are establishing criteria for building a quality art collection.



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