Hopefully for the sessions included at this time (fall, 2021-spring, 2022), the class will resume its original, live visual presentations; guided live visits to museums and galleries in our area; and concurrently recording the live presentations on ZOOM which can be viewed live or at a later time for a limited time via ZOOM or on an alternate viewing platform.

Guidelines determined by our local public health agencies in response to the pandemic may result in modifications or changes in live presentations or visits to museums/ galleries. Stay tuned for any changes or new guidelines issued by the local CDC. The instructor will modify the format as needed to comply with these changes. The instructor will continue to monitor and update plans as needed and share this information with class members.


Art on Site Tours & Lectures

Art on Site offers a unique educational and social experience that goes beyond art appreciation. All ages and backgrounds share the pleasure of discovery while learning about art history and its current trends and past influences.

Museum and Gallery
Guided Tours and Studio Lectures

Participants attend informal sessions where lectures, slide examples and dynamic exchanges take place. You can draw on the challenging ideas presented in the lectures and join us on expertly guided museum and gallery tours through the San Francisco Bay Area art scene.




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