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Keith Haring African-inspired mask from recent exhibit at
deYoung Museum, San Francisco
Ai WeiWei at large installation
Alcatraz Prison, October 2014
Iranian Artisan Decoration Textile
Iranian Artisan Decorating Textile
Persian Drinking Vessel
Ancient Persian Drinking Vessel from Abassi Museum, Tehran, Iran
Mayan Monument of Queen
Mayan Carved Monument of a Queen, AOA
deYoung Museum, San Francisco
Tibetan Buddha
Tibetan Meditating Buddha
Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley CA
Buddish Deity White Tara Nepal
African Funerary Figure, Gabon
AOA, de Young Museum, San Francisco CA
Buddist Deity, White Tara Nepal
Buddhist Deity, White Tara, Nepal
Asian Art Museum, San Francisco CA
Handmade Washi Paper
Japanese papermaking demonstration sponsored by Hiromi Paper International and
Kala Art Institute; handmade washi paper
"Old Glory" by Rob Jenkins
Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA
Ceremonial Feather Bird from Ancient Peru, AOA Collection, deYoung Museum


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